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15th October 2015

Fre and I have just taken delivery of the latest product from Peak Design ie The Shell, a weatherproof camera cover

We already own several of Peak Design's products and invested in the Kickstarter project for the Shell. We couildnt wait to see what they produced and we have not been disappointed. It's great! It's an ultralight rain and dust cover for your camera (See above) which can be used with Capture, another of their products, or as a standalone product. It can also be used as a protective sleeve when carrying your camera in your bag.

Cameras come in endless shapes and sizes. With interchangeable lenses and accessories like battery grips and L-brackets, your camera’s shape and size might change even within the context of a single shoot.

Fortunately, Shell comes in different sizes to fit a wide range of camera bodies and lenses. Shell is made of a stretchy water-resistant fabric that cinches at both ends. We have not tried it in truly severe weather, but so far so good.

Check out the Shell and other products at www.peakdesign.com

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