11th November 2015

Hauling kg's of camera gear around can be tiring and, at times, more than a little dangerous when schleppping across rough terrain.

Fre and I have tried various walking poles and have, over time, become disillusioned to the point where we have defaulted to using them as stabilisers when crossing streams etc. and then we were introduced to PacerPoles by our nephew.

Often described as the walking poles with the funny handles, we are amazed by how quickly we have become "attached" to them and how effective they are in improving posture / fitness and, when required, the ability to support loads without tiring....Fre even uses them every day when she walks the dogs!  

These poles are the brain child of Heather Rhodes, a physiotherapist by profession, who has designed them from first principles to apply biomechanics to whole body movement.  

The ergonomic poles, available in either carbon or alloy, are used for trekking, hiking and fitness walking, and are sold to 41 countries and used locally by Lakeland Mountain Rescue Teams.

Whilst they are available to but on-line, we had the good fortune to be in the Lakes and had the opportunity to buy direct by visiting Heather at her home. What we thought would be a quick transaction turned into 2.5 hours in the company of one of the most passionate product ambassadors we have met...anywhere. Not only did Heather explain the background and theory of the poles, but she took the time to train us in their use which ended up with us walking around her garden overlooking Lake Windermere....not sure what the neighbours made of it!? To provide icing to the experience, We were amazed not only by Heather's unbounding passion and knowledge but also the parting shot when she told us to send payment once we got home as we were now "part of the PacerPole family".

Amazing lady, amazing product...check it out at 

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